We love feedback from our community. Here are some of our favorite customer reviews.

“Very helpful and intuitive to use—this app has a place on my home screen.”

"This App keeps me taking my meds everyday and on time.. I love seeing the points add up knowing that my blood pressure is being controlled. Thanks Mango Health."

"Helps me feel great every day."

"Never misses a beat. Always on time and accurate."

"My stats have improved, I feel better and cannot wait to share with my health care professional."

“Mango Health makes my life easier and that is worth a lot! Easy to use and very helpful and informative.”

"This is one of the best apps I have on my phone. Before, I would consistently forget to take doses."

"This app saved my life! Thank you!"

"Keeps me on track in a very fun way!"

"I love this app! Great information. I love the reminders. It is a blessing to get a reward and be able to donate to the Red Cross."

"I would refer this app to all."

"Very handy to show new doctors what meds I’m currently taking, plus frequency and dosages! Without having to carry all my pill bottles with me..."

"Mango has been a big help in keeping me on track with my medications. The additional info on drug interactions has also been very informative. Love the reward system because it gives me even more incentive."

"The app is great and has really helped me stay on top of my prescriptions. Bonus points for ease of use :)"

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