Take Care of You.

Mango Health helps you manage your medicine and create healthy habits, so you can savor the moments that matter most.

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    Create a schedule of healthy habits, including taking your medication on time, recording your weight, checking your blood pressure, and more.


    Never miss a dose again! Mango Health will alert you whenever it's time to take your medicine or follow through with one of your healthy habits.


    Mango Health will provide all the information you need about your medications, including drug interactions or side effects. You'll have this information available everywhere you go.


    Earn points every time you take your meds properly and maintain healthy habits. Points unlock the chance to win gift cards and charitable donations in raffles held each week.
  • Add Med/Habit Reminder Inbox Points

How Mango Health Helps Take Care of You

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  • Get a Reliable Reminder

    Hello, sunshine. Take your morning dose with breakfast and check yesterday’s step count before taking on your day.
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  • Learn Your Rhythms

    Feeling better? Record how your medicine made you feel while dashing to your next meeting. You can share your notes with your doctor at next week's appointment.
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  • Put Safety First

    Lunchtime with a friend. Make sure the ingredients in your citrus salad dressing won't interact with your medications.
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  • See How You Stack Up

    Looks like you are sticking to your schedule 50% more often than your peers. Props! Celebrate by reading your daughter her favorite story.
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  • Cash In!

    You're one of this week's lucky raffle winners. Enjoy a gift card on us! But what to splurge on?

Take Care of Yourself
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